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April 28, 2013

I’ve been threatening a Health Kick, to kick our butts into shape, for quite some time now.  I fear that time is rapidly approaching.  Fear may be a bit strong, but I’m just not there yet.  It usually takes the pop of fresh local produce at the farmers markets to get me out of Winter Comfort and into Savory Summer.  I’ve set my sights on May 1st.

The plan above was a pipe dream.

Rumi's Kitchen

On this Sundays with Shelby ~ Rumi’s Persian Kitchen, a picture was the last thing I wanted to happen.  Damn it! I’ve avoided pictures for too long.

June 21, 2013

But then I was blessed with a moment.  The moment my dear friend called me to share her heartbreak story.  It seems wrong for me to rejoice in a moment that nearly tore her heart out.  But I personally needed this.

I was on my way to work via McDonald’s drive-thru when my phone rang.  The trembling voice on the other end said “Lib, I’ve got to do something.”  The hair on my arms stood up.  I pulled my car into a parking lot and sat and listened.  She proceeded to share a conversation she had with her 7 year-old daughter that morning…a conversation that brought us both to tears.

I turned my car around and began driving to meet her, never hanging up the phone.  When she said “I’ve got to do something” a rush of numb sick tingle came over me.  She was referring to taking control of her health, in particular her weight. 

She and I have traveled down this path together several times before.  Over the years, we’ve both seen success and sadly experienced set backs.  I too knew I had to do something, but I wasn’t ready to get back on the scale.  I hadn’t made up my mind that I was committed to sticking to a plan.  After all I love to eat and love to cook, how was this ever going to work.  I kept driving towards her, both of us verbalizing our fears and excuses.

Her seven year old daughter was heartbroken after hearing friends call her mom ‘big.’  Mom’s response, “well…I am big compared to some others…but don’t worry about what they say.”  Daughter replied, “but they hurt my feelings when they talk about you that way.”  I felt the sting of those hurtful words, for my friend and for myself.

We could have gotten on a roll about the ‘mean girlz’ but instead we talked through it.  We talked through the tears and the realization that we had let life take control of our bodies.  It can happen. 

You gain weight, you rationalize that stress, life, hormones are to blame.  Our tears turned to laughter as we recognized how pathetic we were as we tried to talk each other out of the inevitable…eat right and exercise.  Shit! Really, that’s not at all what I was prepared to sign on for while offering comfort.

As we arrived at Weight Watchers parking lot, we stepped out of our cars, took each other’s hand, and marched took two steps forward and one back until we finally reached the door.  We can do this, we must do this.

Crisp Cod Cakes with Peach Basil Relish

I bought the newest Weight Watchers cookbook and headed home at lunch to make my first Healthy Choices recipe.  I’ve got this!!

October 4, 2013

I shared in previous posts that I’m on a very low-carb eating plan at the moment and several of you commented with encouragement.  My healthy eating journey that began 15 weeks ago.  I walked back through the doors of Weight Watchers (a program that has been successful for me in the past…as long as I follow the program). 

Since then I have increased my daily water intake, added fruits and/or veggies to every meal, squeezed in at least 30 minutes of exercise a day (mostly walking) and I’m happy to share I have lost 24 lbs.  I changed over to a low-carb (under 20 per day) a couple weeks ago, frankly because my husband has been very successful on this plan in the past and we wanted to be on the same program.  While it’s been fun enjoying bacon and eggs, I’m really missing fruit and anything other than leafy green veggies.

Roasted Veggies

Roasted Veggies are my friend <3

So I think I’m going to go back to a balanced diet still avoiding processed foods and limiting carbs.  I’ll keep you posted on what direction I go and would love for you to share what works for you.  I appreciate that these are personal choices we all must make and completely respect what works for each individual.

For my chocolate lovers out there….never fear.  I have a long list of friends who will gladly accept anything I deliver.

“Food is fuel.”  Whenever you are struggling with eating, weight, and obsession….remember food is fuel.  Your body needs ‘fuel’ and small doses of healthy choices help stave off hunger and boost energy.

January 6th, 2014

I wrote the above entry on October 4, 2013 and didn’t have the guts to share it with you before now.  Or maybe I wasn’t as committed to my plan as I had thought or maybe it seemed a bit too ‘personal.’  Nonetheless, It’s January 6th, 2014 and I am re-launching my Healthy Choices campaign.  If you decide to read through I’ll give you true ‘real-time’ stats at the end.  If you only want my before and after, scroll all the way to the end.  No hard feelings.  Time is precious.

We/I did great for the 1st 15 weeks of the plan.  We walked regularly, began to jog intermittently, and ultimately ran a 5K.  ‘Ran’ is a big word.  She ran. I wogged.  We were on such a roll.  Then the holidays hit (for us that starts with Halloween).  I told myself….I’m bigger and stronger than these temptations.  Weeellll.  My friend has done a great job maintaining through the holidays.  Me however, I’ve gained back 11 of my 24 pounds.  @#*k&F%!?  I blame it on trying to balance a low-carb diet while craving fruits & veggies Me.  I tried to walk every day but the weather was almost unbearable, I blame Mother Nature Me.  It’s hard balancing food blogging and a diet.  Bullshit. I blame Me.

Healthy Choice Smoothies

B blessed me with fresh herb porch gardens two years ago.  He blessed me with a Vitamix mega-blender for Christmas this year.  I have prepped smoothies for four days, bagged up carrots, grapes & celery for snacks, packed a HUGE container of fresh greens with a tuna pouch.  Bring it Healthy Choices.  I’m holding myself accountable to YOU.

May 1, 2014

I love my Vitamix, it’s so pretty sitting on my counter.  Barely getting used.  So much for accountability.  Between January and now I have gained back all but 5lbs. of the 24 I lost last summer.  Last Monday I made the decision, AGAIN, to get back on track.  I showed up at work in my work out clothes.  Dress for success.  It worked.  I had one work out under my belt.  After two successful days I asked B how long it took to form a habit.  He said, well let’s see.  One day is a fluke.  Two days is a coincidence.  Three days is starting to show a trend.  Get back to me after a couple weeks and we’ll talk habit.  One of my walking buddies informed me that after 21 consecutive days of doing something is becomes a habit.  I now have 10 days under my belt and am committed to this habit thing.

I would have normally expected to also drop some weight after 10 days of exercise.  Unfortunately National Grilled Cheese Month was a bit counter productive.  It officially ended yesterday and miraculously as of this morning I am down 2 pounds.  I have a long way to go to get back to my fighting weight (I’m a lover not a fighter but my lover weight doesn’t sound quite right).

May 7th, 2014

I took my birthday week off, with one sole purpose in mind.  To purge my closet.  I have all these “before I needed a ‘before’ picture clothes” aka ‘skinny clothes’ calling to me.  Only to deliver stress and frustration as I can’t even begin to fit in them.  I removed them from my day to day life, so that I can focus on the positives and not the failures.  I now have a guest room bed covered in clothes.  Lots and lots of clothes.  But at least the few things hanging in my closet fit.

Inside Out Fresh Herb Omelet

Fresh herbs are my friend.  This inside out egg-white fresh herb omelet is Weight Watchers friendly, as well as low-carb, gluten-free and generally delicious.

July 6, 2014

Fuck! Here I am again. Feeling pathetic.  I was the girl, growing up, that didn’t think about weight, or eating, or pooping, or much other than what was going on in my immediate circle.  Damn.  Was I shallow?

No, I wasn’t. I was focused.  I loved everyone in my high school class.  All 83 of us in the class of ’83 were close.  Close may not be the best term but it’s more accurate than tight and less than proclaiming a

Farmers Market is Open!!

On a positive note, the Farmers Market is happening and these gorgeous flowers kissed my desk.

September 28, 2014

Forgive my expletive above.  I could have updated this ongoing post several times since my last, where I was clearly impaired.  But here we are.  I have high hopes that October will be my month to break through.  Still struggling with blogging and weight loss.  There’s something about being ‘committed’ going into the holiday season that feels right.

I’m not fearful this time of taking on the challenge, I’m just a bit skeptical that I have what it takes.

October 20th, 2014

I grumbled to my dear friend and she said, “let’s go back on the plan.”  Wait, what?  You mean shamefully walk through the doors of Weight Watchers AGAIN? She had a determined look on her face.  My response, “If we don’t go right now I’ll fall into pathetic excuses mode.”  Heart thumping, we got in the car and sat in the parking lot of Weight Watchers until the meeting time.  Damn!  Is this going to be the time I fully commit? I swore it was and walked humbly through the door. Weighed in at 201.2 lbs. I had achieved Life Time at WW two times before, with a goal weight of 135 lbs.  I recognized that weight might not be a realistic goal now but ‘healthy’ needed to happen.  Stat!

December 28, 2014

Two months into the plan and I have officially survived the holidays, down 15 pounds.  The Thanksgiving Luncheon at work was as good as it gets, and I had one bite of most everything and felt very satisfied.  Actually proud.  The Christmas Party was a blast.  I danced more than I ate = burning calories.  Christmas dinners with family…I focused more on people than food.  I enjoyed small amounts of all my holiday favorites, but stepped away from the glorious spread before over doing it.  Damn! Could I possibly be committed to Healthy Choices?

Today one of my fb friends posted a run/walk challenge for 2015.  #2015in2015.  Walk two thousand, fifteen miles in the year 2015…partners welcomed.  A quick nod and we were in (we being my previously referenced Healthy Choices partner, closest work-mate, dear friend, and the other B in my life).  Breaking it down, that meant each of us would walk 2.75 miles per day, every day, in the year 2015.  We’ve got this.  We’ve signed on.

I also started wearing a fitness tracker.  Two of my girls at work got me the UP24 for Christmas and I’m hooked.  Starting with a goal of 10,000 steps per day.  Step it off!!

Roasted Veggies

These have become my friend.  Oh how I love you Roasted Veggies!

February 12, 2015

Worked my butt off this week, literally.  Seriously.  My ba-donkey-donk is looking smaller.  Win.  Today I declared an additional goal.  I think I can lose 50 lbs. by my 50th birthday and weigh-in at (about) 150 lbs. Yes, I can.  No ‘think’, this is the kind of goal to motivate a girl.  On this day, I weighed in 5.8 lbs. less than last week, weighing 171.8. I believe in me.  I’ve increased my step goal to 14,000 per day and according to my UP band….I’m streaking.  Haven’t done that since the early 80’s :)


Meetings matter.  First, you weigh in.  Accountability is number one.  It’s a motivator, but not a shamer.  I’ve gotten free therapy sessions from my weigh-in ladies…don’t stress a gain.  Gains happen.

I love my Weight Watcher’s meetings.  Sissy, our leader, lost 215 pounds 13 years ago, and kept it off.  She’s spunky, skilled in her delivery of the weekly message, and able to motivate the most diverse crowd.  I’ve always thought I was strong enough and disciplined enough to walk this journey on my own.  Just commit!  Nope, I need the meetings.

Big Creek

Discovered the best walking paths imaginable, just 10 minutes from my home or office.  The Big Creek Greenway with miles of boardwalk trails and shaded walking paths.  Also, a recreation center with an indoor walking track.  No excuses.  2.75 minimum every day.

April 18th, 2015

What?!! Half-Marathon.  I’m a wogger not a runner, I can’t do this.  According to the race website, as long as you can maintain a 16-minute mile or less….YOU CAN DO THIS.  Well Sh!t.  No excuses, I and 4 of the most fabulous ladies in my life will tackle this together, finishing at our own pace.

We all finished, and received medals.  It was AWESOME!!  The adrenaline was unreal.  I think I ran (not wogging) the first mile.  That’s a first.  Then I continued with a run/walk interval thing that really worked.  Somewhere about the 4th mile we broke out into packs.  My walking buddy Bethany and Jennica set the run pace.  Mel, Major and I maintained a respectable pace.

Half Marathon April 18, 2014

I was in over my head but completely confident.  I walk an average of 6 miles a day and knew I could finish.  As a side note, we met Lou and Rick about 3 miles in.  Two charismatic 70’s men, who grew up together, and now run a half every month.  They ran a 1 minute run/1 minute walk interval.  We passed each other about every other mile, and questioned who’s method was best.  We thought we had a better plan. These guys were far our superiors.  Beth and Jenn finished in about 2 hours 30 minutes (rock stars), Mel, Jennifer, and I finished just behind Lou and Rick in 3 hours.  Wow.  What an experience.

May 7th, 2015

Sitting here a bit tearful.  This is my diet diary.  On October 19th, 2014 we had a family reunion for B’s dad’s side of the family.  Dad has a really big family.  8 siblings X their children X their children X the most delicious pot-luck luncheon.  For me, coming from a small (the smallest) family, I soaked it all in.  It was the best.  Seeing the multiple generations reminisce, cousins bragging about the shenanigans they thought they pulled off unnoticed, mingling with some extra special third generations as they shared what the year ahead meant for them.  It was awesome for me.

Until the pictures circulated the next day.  Damn.  I’m fat.  No apologies for using that word.  We all know our body types and what is the ‘norm’ for us.  On October 19th, 2014 I was fat.

Family Reunion 2014

I’m proud to say that on this day I have averaged 6.12 solo miles per day.  And have walked a minimum of 2.75 miles every day, rain or shine.  #2015in2015.  We are going to slay this challenge.  I’m officially down 47.6 lbs. heading into my 50th birthday on Sunday. I’m taking my birthday week off.  I plan to return most of those ‘skinny’ clothes on the guest room bed back to where they belong.  My closet.

May 14th, 2015

My first Weight Watchers Meeting since my 50th birthday.  Down 51.4 pounds, 25% of my body weight.  Holy wow!! Feeling proud and humble.  I took my health for granted.  I hadn’t seen a doctor in over 3 years.  While I have walked over 800 miles this year and lost 50+ pounds, last week I discovered I have high blood pressure.  Cardiologist on Monday and vowing to stay proactive.  For me, this is harder than weight loss.  But Shelby needs me to hang around a lot longer. xo

May 14, 2015

September 3, 2015

Today I met my Goal Weight of 139 pounds.  I just need to stay within a two pound range for six weeks and I’ll achieve my ultimate goal of Lifetime Member.  By my calculations that will occur one year after I began my successful campaign.  I’ve got this!!

October 15, 2015

Lifetime with Sissy

LIFETIME BABY!!  I owe a great big thanks to this lady.  Sissy is our Weight Watchers leader and so much more.  She’s bright and witty and full of motivational spirit.

And now for the BEFORE and AFTER pics.  The picture on the left is hard to look at.  Until I glance right.  Down 65 pounds.  Blood pressure in check.  Energy level high.  I’m sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly to keep me motivated and perhaps to help someone else who struggles with weight and making healthy choices.  I hope to continue to update this dieting diary of sorts with future successes (and failures should they creep in).

Libby Before & After

December 30, 2015

I successfully completed 2015 miles in the year 2015, with a day to spare. That’s an average of 5.5 miles per day – some days were more, some were less – but I never missed a day of intentional walking in 2015!! I’m officially a badass!!

#2015in2015 #2015milesin2015

Sometime in 2016

Pretty much everything in my world changed. I went through a divorce. Sold my house. Delaney Hardware (my day job) was sold to private equity and I became President of the company. I fell in love with my now husband Nick. Bought a new house. Made my first trip to Asia. Had sinus surgery after months of chronic sinus issues. While I was happy at home, I was very stressed at work. I lost track of my good eating habits and began to gain back the weight I had worked so hard to lose.

Life was good. Nick and I were traveling, dining out, really enjoying life with our kids and our family. Dieting was not my focus. Why should it be, I’m happy right?

Summer 2017

See me hiding behind Nick? This became my standard pose for the few pictures I begrudgingly was in.

October 2017

As it turns out the extra weight I was carrying began to affect my joints and I was having trouble sleeping through the night. It began to take its toll on me physically and emotionally. I began to have sinus issues again and was off and on antibiotics and steroids for what seemed like every other month. Finally I broke down and saw a new doctor who suggested I might have an autoimmune disease.

That quickly prompted research on Autoimmune diseases. Considering I am not a good patient, rarely go to the doctor unless I’m really suffering – I knew I would need to find something other than traditional medication to this looming diagnosis.

Summer 2018

We took the kids on a trip to Washington DC, Williamsburg, and Kitty Hawk. The trip was action packed. It was hot and I was quietly miserable. I wasn’t able to keep up with my family and it was killing me. We were in the Norfolk, VA airport waiting for our flight. I was killing time in the book store when I found this book. After reading the inside cover I was completely drawn in. I read the entire flight home and something clicked. I’ve got to get my shit together health in order.

The Autoimmune Solution: Prevent and Reverse the Full Spectrum of Inflammatory Symptoms and Diseases by Amy Myers

I read Dr. Myers book from cover to cover. I drank the kool aid and made major changes to my eating habits. I adopted the AIP Diet and within days began to lose weight. Within weeks the severe joint pain I had experienced was beginning to subside. In just two months I had lost nearly 30 pounds and felt amazing!

October 2018

I went on to lose 50 pounds by January 2019. I had a plan that was working. Was it restrictive, oh hell yes. But it worked and I felt great physically and emotionally. If you’re not familiar with the AIP Diet here’s a quick summary.

  • NO Sugar
  • NO Gluten
  • NO Grains
  • NO Dairy
  • NO Eggs
  • NO Nuts
  • NO Nightshades
  • NO Alcohol
  • NO Nsaids

You CAN eat lots of good quality proteins and veggies. Which I love.

October 2019

All my best,

Now for that really good smoothie recipe.  It’s become a go-to for me.

A really good smoothie

5 from 2 votes
Servings 1


  • 1/2 banana
  • 1/2 cup blueberries
  • 4-5 strawberries
  • 4-5 baby carrots
  • 4-5 grapes
  • 1 handful of kale of spinach
  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk


  • I freeze my smoothie ingredients in Ziploc bags making them quick and easy to prepare on busy mornings.
  • Combine all ingredients in a Vitamix or blender and process until smooth.
  • Enjoy!


  • Erica (@Erica's Recipes)

    Holy half marathon WHAT?!! This is SO SO awesome Libby and I am SOOOO PROUD of you! I struggle – we all struggle. YOu are so not alone. This is precisely why I’ve cut wayyyyy back on blogging because over the past 2 years it has all gone to my ass, so the past couple weeks I’m finally trying to do something about that too. OH I am thrilled for you! You are beautiful inside and out and the only thing that matters is that you are comfortable in your own skin. And healthy :) Congrats for your hard work and best of luck on your continued journey! …and def get the blood pressure in check ;)

    • libby

      Thank you so much Erica. You are an inspiration. Your post with all the race day details was so helpful, even though our half didn’t come close to your triathlon, you were so encouraging. Doctor said to continue with exercise and eating right and we’ll check the bp in 6 months. Works for me.

  • Heidy@ The McCallums Shamrock Patch

    Just wanted to let you know we have a brand NEW spin-off of the #PureBlogLove link party. I would love for you to drop by and see all the new changes we have made for better interaction with the bloggers.

    We run every Thursday @ 8 pm est on TheMcCallumsShamrockPatch.com through the weekend. Come celebrate with us on the NEW Pinterest Party where bloggers pin their established Pinterest pins to our link party.

    Heidy McCallum

  • Sophia @ NY Foodgasm

    5 stars
    Girl you are AMAZING and I totally understand your journey! Hell I am still 30 pounds overweight!! The journey is LIFE though. We WILL have ups and downs ALLLLL the time because as long as we live, we will LOVE food.

    So bring on the struggle! Just keep your accountability and you will be okay! XOXO!!!

    • libby

      Thanks Sophia!! You are so right. We love food. And drink. It’s part of life. But you can balance all the things you love (she says in an effort to self-motivate) :) Thanks for the shout-out. xoxo

  • Beverley

    5 stars
    Oh Libby you are amazing and you look great! Well done on getting fit and for sharing your story with us. xoxo

  • Tracey @ Salty Sweet Life

    Libby. You. are. amazing. No, seriously, I loved reading every single word of this! You are so real. Thank you SO much for sharing this journey. I am so impressed with you. Impressed with your weight loss, which is incredible, but also so proud of the way you set a goal and accomplished it. Victory is yours, my friend! You look incredible and happy! I am really inspired also because I just committed myself to my first 5k. I’m so slow and my feet hurt and my knees sound like rice krispies, but I’m soldiering on!

    • libby

      Thank you for your continued support Tracey. Your words of encouragement keep me motivated. You are going to love the 5K. Mark my words, within hours of finishing you’ll be planning your next. xoxo

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