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Jamaican Jerk Turkey Tenderloin with Orzo Salad

I am loving my new star ingredients from Oli+Ve, Blackberry Ginger Balsamic Vinegar.  In fact I’ll be back for refills this weekend.  Whenever I have the opportunity to cook for a group, small or large, I love to try something new.  It’s risky (if it flops) but measuring the mmmm mmm good tells you best whether it’s a keeper or history.

Orzo Salad with Peppercorn & Balsamic Poached Pears

Today, I created Orzo Salad with Peppercorn & Balsamic Poached Pears.  I tossed cooled orzo in lemon oil with a little salt & pepper.  Added fresh spinach, watercress, scallions, blackberries, sliced almonds, fresh lemony thyme leaves and peppercorn & balsamic poached pears.  Drizzled all ingredients with Lemon Blackberry Vinaigrette.  I think they liked it.  That makes me happy.

Peppercorn & Balsamic Poached Pears