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Irish Cream Cappuccino with Kahlua Cream.

On the top shelf of my coffee mug cabinet in the far back corner sits one of many gadgets my mom just knew I should own…..a Cappuccino Set.  On this day I shall use it to entice my daughter to come have coffee with me.

For the coffee I skipped the coffee press step and used my Keurig, but I did use the milk frother to make that familiar cappuccino froth that makes it so creamy.  For the Kahlua whipped cream I beat a 1 Tbl. Kahlua, 1 Tbl. confectioners sugar, and 1/2 Cup whipping cream until nice and thick.  I added a splash of irish cream to the coffee, topped it with froth, and then topped it with Kahlua cream and shaved chocolate.  Posted the picture on my kid’s fb page and voila…within 30 minutes I had a text that she was on her way.

While sipping cappuccino together I shared this crazy idea I was toying with……starting a food blog.  I had already done the hard part of chosing a name, registering the domain, selecting a hosting site, theme, etc.  I had even started testing the in-house water with some “private” posts.  As we sat together leaning in to my laptop screen reading the few posts I had drafted…..she put her hand on my knee giving it a squeeze and said “I love this, I will have it forever.”

Irish Cream Cappuccino

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