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Chicago Style Hot Dog

Chicago Style Hot Dog |

Who would’ve thought that eating a loaded hot dog could fall into a Healthy Choices category?  I’m here to tell you that the Chicago Style Hot Dog with it’s nine layers of flavor can easily weigh in at less than 250 calories (only 5 WW Pts+).

Not only did I have fun assembling our Chicago Style Hot Dogs, but once the pictures were taken I sat down and savored every bite!  Hats off to our Chicago friends for engineering this signature dog.

Yes, I said 9-layers, aka “The Works.”  Count ’em down.

  1. Poppy Seed Bun ~ I can not lie.  I bought the lowest calorie hot dog bun I could find and ‘poppy seeded’ it.  I wasn’t going to tell you, but my conscience got the better of me.
  2. Steamed All Beef Hot Dog ~ Ball Park brand were on sale, but Vienna Beef seems to be the favored dog.  I chose the lowest calorie beef frank (80 calories).
  3. Yellow Mustard
  4. Sweet Pickle Relish
  5. Sliced Tomato
  6. Dill Pickle Spear
  7. Diced Onion
  8. Sport Peppers ~ which for us meant a jalapeno straight from our Southern Hot Sauce jar.
  9. Celery Seed ~ don’t skip this step, if the tomato and pickles don’t seem odd enough, celery seed surely will.  Yet each of these layers of flavor work together.

I was tempted to leave off the ingredients that I normally would never add to a hot dog, but I didn’t.  I wanted to appreciate a Chicago Style Hot Dog as the originators put forth.  Here’s a fun article on the story behind the Chicago Style Hot Dog and who those originators might have been.

Chicago Style Hot Dog3

Recipe inspiration came from Weight Watchers.

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