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Sweet Tea Shock | LemonyThyme.com

This past weekend, Shelby and I snuck away for a girl’s afternoon that involved retail therapy and a lunch date.  It also included a version of this Sweet Tea Shock Cocktail.

If you’re a fan of an Arnold Palmer (1/2 sweet tea ~ 1/2 lemonade) you’ll love this refreshing cocktail.  It’s a perfect year-round drink that ‘shocks’ you with bursts of lemon and Shock Top ale.

~ Sweet Tea Shock Cocktail ~

2 ounces Sweet Tea Vodka
2 ounces fresh squeezed lemon
1 ounce agave nectar
4 ounces Shock Top ale
1 large orange wedge

Fill tall glass with ice.  In a shaker, combine vodka, lemon juice, and agave nectar.  Shake and pour over ice.  Top with Shock Top and squeeze of orange wedge.

Sweet Tea Shock4

Recipe inspired by Marlows Tavern.

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