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Salami & Cheese Chips

Salami & Cheese Chips from Lemony Thyme

Cheese and salami slices are easily transformed into a snack chip.  Just a minute or two in the microwave and you’ll be enjoying low carb ‘chips’ that are sturdy enough for dipping.  Salami & Cheese Chips are a great addition to any appetizer spread. Cheese Chips

I’ve been making microwave Cheese Chips for years.  Not because I was looking for an awesome low-carb snack, but because we always have cheese on hand and I’m often looking for a quick snack.  Simply lay a slice of cheese on parchment paper and microwave for 1 minute to 1 minute 15 seconds.  Voila.  I did the three different types of cheese shown above at the same time and they all turned out perfectly.

The key for the Salami Chips is to have your deli slice the salami (or pepperoni) nice and thin.  Then onto the parchment paper and into the microwave for a 60 – 75 seconds  My low-carb and gluten free friends, you’ll be dunking in dip in no time.

Salami & Cheese Chips1

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