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Baked Sweet Potato {with Buffalo Chicken}

Baked Sweet Potato with Buffalo Chicken1

Baked Sweet Potato with Buffalo Chicken.  Now here’s where you might say….Really? I’m here to tell you that the sweet of the potato is exactly what our Buffalo Chicken was hoping to cuddle up to.  These chickens, they try to be all aloof and such but they are real cuddle bugs.

Don’t pigeon hole your buffalo chicken into a manly-man hole.  Sophisticated palates will agree that sweet and heat are a force to be reckoned with.  Top your Perfectly Baked Sweet Potato with roasted chicken, a few dashes of your favorite buffalo sauce (like Franks Hot Sauce), then sprinkle on blue cheese crumbles.  Easy as can be with big flavor wow!!

Baked Sweet Potato with Buffalo Chicken


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