Spiral Cut Hot Dogs
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Spiral Cut Hot Dog {Think Outside the Bun}

Spiral Cut Hot Dogs

Last year in honor of National Hot Dog Day, my work family and I celebrated the summertime-favorite in style.  We made Spiral Cut Hot Dogs and topped them with everything from Baked Beans to Mac ‘n Cheese to Peach Salsa.  If the toppings are your favorite part of a hot dog, then the Spiral Cut Hot Dog is for you.

Here are Step by Step Instructions for making a Spiral Cut Hot Dog or you can watch our VIDEO of how to make a “Delaney Dog.”

  1. Insert a bamboo skewer lengthwise through the center of a hot dog.
  2. Lay the hot dog on a cutting board.
  3. Use a sharp knife, beginning at one end of the hot dog, cut into the dog at a slight angle until you hit the skewer.
  4. Hold the knife in place, while with the other hand you rotate the hot dog, creating a continuous spiral cut the length of the hot dog (the skewer will prevent you from cutting all the way through).
  5. Gently remove the skewer and repeat with remaining hot dogs.
  6. Grilling these hot dogs on a flat griddle or foil lined grill grate is recommended.
  7. Serve in buns (or not) topped with your favorite toppings.

Think outside the bun for toppings.  Our favorite of the day was a Spiral Cut Hot Dog topped with Baked Beans and Mac ‘n Cheese.  We named it the Delaney Dog.  Awe-mazin’.  Zesty Homemade Relish and Peach Salsa were mighty fine toppers too.  And who doesn’t love a Slaw Dog or Chili Cheese Dog, especially when it’s spiral sliced so that every bite is just as good as the first.

Spiral Cut Hot Dogs

Why not host a Think Outside the Bun Party.  You provide the Spiral Cut Hot Dogs and invite your guests to share their favorite toppings.  Encourage creativity and you’re certain to discover new favorite ways to dress your dogs.


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