Butternut Squash Potatoe Onion Hash with Fried Egg
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Skillet Veggie & Herb Hash with Fried Egg

Veggie & Herb Hash with Fried Egg

Skillet Veggie & Herb Hash with Fried Egg.

It’s a beautiful July 4th morning.  After a week of sweltering heat there’s actually a breeze across my back porch.  I’m so excited to make my first skillet dish.  I scored finding two of these 5″ cast iron skillets at a thrift store (I think I actually smiled out loud at the sight of them).

For the hash ~ I lightly browned in butter red & white onion, cubed butternut squash and baby potatoes.  Then I added 1/2″ water, covered them and simmered on low until they were just tender and the water had evaporated.  I added a little more butter with fresh lemony thyme & sage leaves, sea salt & cracked pepper and continued cooking until the veggies began to caramelize and were tender.  Topped with a fried egg.

Once again, the fresh herbs brought this dish to life.  My new skillet was happy, happy!!



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