Romertopf Clay Baker2
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Thrift Store Find Romertopf Clay Baker {Score}

Those of you who know me well, know that I visit thrift stores on a frequent basis. 

Most often I’m not looking for anything in particular….more like it’s looking for me.  I truly find it therapeutic to scan through shelves of books and dishes and well dishes mostly.  

I’ve experienced the same thrill I felt today on several occasions but it’s been quite a dry spell for me. Today, however…..SCORE.

Romertopf Clay Baker
Romertopf Clay Baker

Sitting on the bottom shelf, amidst a sea of mix matched slow cooker liners & lids, scratched up non-stick skillets, dented cookware, and the like….was this big beautiful covered clay pot. 

I abandoned my buggie in order to maneuver my way to it without ever taking my eye off the prize.  This one was worth a fight (only if necessary of course). 

Romertopf Clay Baker2
Romertopf Clay Baker2

When I picked it up….sheer joy came over me.  I know I was beaming from ear to ear as its weight alone told me I had something special. 

Romertopf Clay Baker
Romertopf Clay Baker

When I lifted the lid to inspect the inside it appeared its previous owner had used it as a planter instead of a roaster.  That didn’t bother me one bit. 

Instantly I was asked, “What are you going to do with that?”  To which I replied with a smile in my voice, “Roast a chicken.”

Roast Chicken in a Romertopf Clay Baker

A quick Internet search identified this beauty as a 117 Romertopf 6 1/2 quart Clay Baker.  I’m going to clean it, find it a prominent spot on my bakers rack, and begin planning the perfect clay baker chicken recipe.  Stay tuned…


  • Anonblonde

    Just curious if you baked a chicken and what recipe you used. My favorite is the chicken with white wine from their original cookbook.

    • libby

      Yes, I did a roast chicken right after I bought the baker and have made it several times since. Here’s the recipe link The Chicken and wine sounds really good too. I need to look that up! Thank you for stopping by. Libby

  • Azi

    Not a great find….but a SUPERIOR one! The new ones are glazed on the inside, completely contradicting the whole idea of a terra cotta pot-cooker! Don’t part with this one! But if you do I’ll buy it!


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