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Favorite Sea Scallop Recipes

Favorite Sea Scallop Recipes

I was looking through our food photos and was reminded just how much I adore scallops.  Particularly how much I worship the sweet fresh flavor of Sea Scallops.  I thought it would be fun to gather my favorites in one post.  To all the scallop lovers out there…you’re welcome.

Scallops Wrapped in Bacon

Perhaps my most favorite personal photo yet is of Scallops Wrapped Bacon.  Everything about this pic, down to the Lemony Thyme sprig, makes me smile out loud.

Coquilles St. Jacques

The most sophisticated of all our Sea Scallop recipes is Coquilles Saint-Jacques.  Extremely rich and utterly amazing.

Sea Scallops with Spicy Mayo

Sea Scallops with Spicy Mayo are a show stopper appetizer with surprisingly little preparation required.  Perfect for entertaining two or ten.

Pan Seared Sea Scallops with Basil Pesto Pasta

Pan Seared Sea Scallops over Basil Pesto Pasta.  Fill my pasta bowl with capellini tossed in fresh Basil Pesto and I am one happy camper.  Top it with pan seared scallops and I’m liable to do a back flip.  Something I’d regret in the morning.

Seared Sea Scallops over Tomato Bacon Jam & Herb Infused Grits

Seared Sea Scallops nestled on a bed of Tomato Bacon Jam & Herb Infused Grits is my kind of meal.

Pan Seared Sea Scallops in Sage Brown Butter with Sweet Pea Puree

Pan Seared Sage Brown Butter Scallops over Sweet Pea Puree.  Meant to be savored slowly.  The aromas of sage brown butter will draw you in.  The sweetness of fresh sea scallops will cause you to linger.

Asian Noodles with Seared Sea Scallops

Asian Noodles with Seared Sea Scallops.  Flavor love.

Seared Scallops with Macadamia Cilantro Lime Pesto

Seared Scallops with Macadamia Cilantro Pesto.  Oh my wow.  Seared scallops topped with this incredible pesto, gently broiled until golden and mouthwatering. Here are a few recipes where Scallops are the supporting act.


Ceviche with Halibut, Scallops and Shrimp.  Bold vibrant citrus flavors ‘cook’ our beloved Halibut, Scallops and Shrimp.  Pops of color and aromatics make ceviche a fantastic appetizer or served in an avocado bowl for a light meal.

Pulling Mussels from a shell

Serve me a bowl of Steamed Mussels, Scallops & Shrimp with a side of garlic toast (and a twirl of pasta).  That’s all.  All I need.

All my best,
xo Libby


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