Azalea Cocktail

Azalea Cocktail from Lemony Thyme

The 13th hole at Augusta National aka The Masters Tournament is named Azalea.  While the entire course is a thing of beauty, there’s something extra special about a green tucked up amongst a backdrop of blooming azaleas.  Let that be the inspiration for this cocktail.

Azalea Cocktail

You don’t have to be a golf fan to appreciate the history and beauty that is Augusta.  However, in our house, we will never forget the shot Philly made from behind the tree to the 13th green.  That.  That was a thing of beauty.  On to the cocktail recipe.

~ Azalea Cocktail Recipe ~

1 part lemon or lime juice
1 part pineapple juice
3 parts gin
a splash of grenadine to give it a light pink color
shaker of ice
garnish with fruit skewered with golf tees or mini-Masters flags

Recipe source

Azalea Cocktail2


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