Jarlsberg BLT with Fried Egg
Breakfast,  Main Course

The Jarlsberg BLT with Fried Egg

Jarlsberg BLT wth Fried Egg from Lemony Thyme

At our last family pot-luck gathering, my sister-in-law brought a crock full of the most glorious cheese dip.  Jarlsberg Cheese Dip to be exact.  She served it cold with a sliced baguette.  I’m sure I never let it out of my sight or reach for the entire evening hour before it was devoured for it’s heavenly goodness.  She shared that she had bought this tub of love at her local Kroger supermarket.  I promptly sought out the closest Kroger and bought 2 tubs (plain and jalapeno) and a baguette.

Jarlsberg BLT with Fried EggRemarkably when the next morning rolled around there was still enough left in the tub to create this masterpiece.  The Jarlsberg BLT with Fried Egg.  Muahhhh…

Jarlsberg BLT with Fried Egg

I have since done some research and found that Jarlsberg Dip can be recreated at home if you don’t have a Kroger near by.  Check out this easy recipe by Betsy at My Five Men.

Jarlsberg BLT with Fried Egg


    • libby

      Hi Betsy. I’m so glad to have you comment. Your post for this recipe is fabulous. Love your pictures. I wanted to be sure you got full credit (given your past as a repo-girl) :) Your story touches me and your attitude inspires me. Take care, Libby

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