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Sushi Stack

We’re having a lovely Sundays with Shelby afternoon/evening.  Instead of our traditional set out on an adventure, we’re hanging in.  She arrived hungry as I was finishing two summer thyme soups (recipes coming soon), and she loved them both.

Shelby’s new apartment has no washer & dryer, just a couple of quarter-feds in the basement of her building.  Besides being hungry, she arrived with 3 loads of laundry in her arms.  That meant we’d have her undivided attention for several hours.  Love.

Shelby Laundry2

Shelby Laundry

Although our home will also always be her home, she lives on her own and doesn’t get ‘home’ all that often.  Lilah, who was Shelby’s dog for the first 10 years of her life, never seems more alive than when Shelby walks through the door.  They have a sisterhood that has remained even in the absence of a daily relationship.

Scrappy Thyme

Scrappy Thyme, is out of control and loves when anyone new walks through the door.  Today she was on the deck, head peering through the rails as Shelby pulled into the driveway.  She did what most dog’s do when they are uber excited.  She wagged her tail feverishly.  Yet, she has no tail, so her little butt was just a jiggling. Love.

Spinach Salad with Warm Bacon Dressing

We all gathered in the living room, watching the Brickyard 500, Shelby reading an Anthony Bourdain book from the book shelf.  Which prompted her to pose the random question “what would you want your last meal to be?”

Her dad, who is hard to pin down, paused then began to rattle off all-kinds of food pleasures.  “If I’m going to die tomorrow, I’ll assume I don’t give a sh%t about healthy choices, so I’m certain it would involve a bunch of pork butt.

Slow Braised Boston Butt Pork Roast

Shelby chimed in and said, “those smoked scallops we had at Lure are definitely happening, but Pho, I’ll have to have Pho.”

Vietnamese Beef Pho

For me, I want one hundred bites of different food.  That would be the epitome of My Last Meal.  Shelby asked “Why one hundred?” Is there a magic number of bites?” Who knows, but I’m certain after 100 I would feel as if I had lived.

B’s List…

Spicy Tuna Roll
Sous Vide Burger
Giant Tub of Nutella
2 lbs. undercooked bacon
#2 from Chick-fil-A
Shrimp & Grits

Deconstructed Shrimp & Grits from Lemony Thyme

Shelby’s List…

Smoked Scallops (from Lure Restaurant)
Dad’s Filet
Mom’s Spinach Salad
Fingerling Potatoes
Fagan’s Biscuit Barn…The Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit Bowl with Gravy & Grits <3 (sung to the new KFC jingle).

Mom’s List…
One hundred bites of awe-mazing.  Have a bite Lib?

We were like felons on death row discussing our last meal.  What will be your last meal?