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Must Haves {Fridge & Pantry}

She had a comprehensive list of at least 10 specific ingredients she couldn’t live without, with the reasoning behind each one.  She suggested that I add a section on our ‘about us’ page that talks about “Must Haves” (in our pantry and fridge).  Okay, I can do this.  And then nothing happened.  How could I possibly narrow it down.  It’s kind of like the question ‘if stranded on a deserted island…’  It’s not as easy as it seems.  I believe this is a product of getting older.  Her 21 year old mind is pure, it knows what it needs right this very moment to make her happy.  Someone poses a ‘life’ question to me….my response is….can you give me a minute?

It’s hard to explain really.  I want to be open and random with my responses.  I thought I was that person for a time.  Cooking is a way to express myself.  For the most part, if I’m left alone in the kitchen with an urge to ‘cook’ I think I can be open and random.  It may start slowly, but left alone long enough with the ingredients at hand I will come up with a plan.  I have to.  Not for a hungry family waiting at the table, not for a blog post that MUST happen…because I am the kind of person who completely and utterly loves cooking.  (She inhales and says yes…you said it).

In my particular Word Press theme, my tags are also my ingegredients.  So for the most part my most popular ingredients are shown LARGER and bold in my tag cloud. Wow…without breaking a pressure sweat…my own site has identified my can’t live without ingredients.  Do you see them? Scroll out to the left and down…the more I tag an ingredient the LARGER it gets under my Ingredient Sidebar list.  Hello Bacon and thank you Shelby for the inspiration.

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