• Bruschetta Salad with tomatoes, radish, garlic, chives and rustic bread
    Salads & Side Dishes,  Vegetarian

    Light & Fresh Summer Bruschetta Salad

    Bruschetta Salad has all the flavors I adore. Bruschetta is a favorite finger food of mine and Tomato Bread Salad has become a summer staple.  So why not combine them on a beautiful plate? And as summer rolls on there are tomatoes, tomatoes everywhere…  Similar ingredients – make this the perfect recipe twist.   Salad Ingredients Garden Tomatoes diced (or stuffed)Fresh Herbs (Basil, Lemony Thyme, Chive, Oregano)Pan roasted chopped GarlicFine diced Red OnionThinly sliced RadishAll tossed with Olive Oil, White Balsamic, Sea Salt & Fresh Cracked Pepper Style your ingredients and serve with fresh baked bread.  Bruschetta Salad is fresh yet familiar. Don’t forget to follow us @LemonyThyme on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook!